Another “Blue City” Failing, Badly

Shhh! Don’t tell anyone, but major crimes are up 24% in Chicago this year (and your neighborhood is probably even worse)


The new year is still quite young, but things aren’t looking good on CompStat, the Chicago Police Department’s internal scoreboard report. Through the first 23 days of January, reports in seven major crime categories were up a combined 24% citywide compared to last year — and up 14% compared to 2020 and 2% compared to pre-COVID 2019.

The major crimes — so-called “index crimes” — are murder, criminal sexual assault, robbery, aggravated battery, burglary, theft, and motor vehicle theft.

Theft reports are up 56%. Motor vehicle thefts are up 37%. Burglaries up 13%. Aggravated batteries and criminal sexual assaults are both up 12%.


But not everything is horrible on the latest CompStat report. Murders were down 16% during the first 23 days of January compared to last year. You can bet CPD brass will be parading that number around if it can be maintained through the end of the month. Unfortunately, this year’s murder tally is still 38% higher than the same time in 2020 and 100% higher than the comparable period in 2019.

Robberies were also down modestly, with 42 fewer cases citywide through the first 23 days of the year compared to 2021. CPD can credit a decline in carjackings, a subcategory of robberies, for the reduction. Compared to last year, vehicular hijackings were down 32% from 163 to 111 through the first 23 days of this month. Continue:

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