Biden Approval Drops To Just 37%

Economic Discontent Slams Biden, Keeps Congressional Democrats in Peril

Economic discontent is slamming Joe Biden and his party’s midterm election prospects, with six in 10 Americans experiencing inflation hardships, three-quarters saying the economy’s in bad shape and a nearly 20-point lead for the Republican Party in trust to handle it.


Biden has other problems, with underwater ratings for his handling of the invasion of Ukraine, a split on the pandemic and weak scores on personal attributes including leadership, handling a crisis and mental sharpness. But 40-year-high inflation leads his headaches: By 35-17 percent, Americans are twice as apt to say they’ve gotten worse off than better off under his presidency.


Result: A career-low 37 percent of Americans approve of Biden’s job performance overall, with 55 percent disapproving. That includes just 30 percent approval among political independents and 10 percent from Republicans. Even in his own party, nearly a quarter of Democrats either disapprove of Biden (19 percent) or are withholding judgment (4 percent). Continue

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