Biden is considering sending troops and warships to NATO allies in Eastern Europe

Biden is considering sending up to 50,000 troops as well as warships and aircraft to NATO allies in Eastern Europe amid growing fears of a Russian invasion of Ukraine as second shipment of US weapons arrives

  • President Biden is considering deploying several thousand American troops together with warships and aircraft, to NATO ally countries located in the Baltics 
  • During a meeting in Camp David over the weekend, Pentagon officials outlined various options to President Biden
  • Options would see American military might move a step closer to Russian border
  • Among strategies being considered, between 1,000 to 5,000 troops could be relocated to countries in Eastern Europe 
  • There would also be a potential to increase to 50,000 should the need arise
  • None of the military options would see the deployment of additional American troops to Ukraine 
  • Ukraine’s Defense Minister said Sunday night the government had received a second shipment of weapons from the United States

President Joe Biden could deploy up to 50,000 US troops as well as aircraft and warships to eastern Europe to counter a Russian military build-up that has sparked fears Vladimir Putin is about to invade Ukraine.

The plan would see between 1,000 and 5,000 soldiers sent to NATO nations such as Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia, which border Russian territory.

Troop numbers could then be increased up to 50,000 if the security situation deteriorates, backed up by fresh deployments of ships and aircraft.


Pentagon officials presented the plan to Biden during a summit at Camp David over the weekend, convened to discuss military options to deter an attack by Russia after the threat of sanctions largely fell on deaf ears.

The plan would not involve American troops deployed directly to Ukraine, with Biden thought to be loathe to enter another conflict following his disastrous withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan last year, The New York Times reports.


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