Go there, order and refuse to pay. Then refuse to leave. Capitalism and private property are evil, or something.

New “Anti-Capitalist” Cafe in Toronto Perfectly Demonstrates Why Capitalism Is Awesome

A new “anti-capitalist” cafe is opening in Toronto, hoping to attract customers who share the owner’s radical leftist values. Officially called The Anarchist Cafe, the downtown coffee shop will be run as a worker-owned and operated co-op. Every employee will receive the same pay, and all business decisions will be made democratically.

“I hope by openly declaring the business as anti-capitalist I can motivate people to think and ask about what that means,” said Gabriel Sims-Fewer, the owner of the business. “I knew the world was full of radical progressives, and hoping to meet more of them was one motivation for doing what I’m doing.”

The response has been overwhelmingly positive according to Sims-Fewer. “I didn’t anticipate so much enthusiasm every day so early on,” he said.

The irony here is, of course, hard to miss. Here we have an entrepreneur starting a business, presumably with the intention of turning a profit, all in the name of sticking it to capitalism?


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