Health Officials Giving Priority To People Of Color For Scarce Monoclonal Antibodies:

Dems’ COVID-19 drug policies biased against Whites, legal scholars charge

Several Democratic-run states and cities are giving preference to non-White patients for receiving potentially lifesaving treatments for COVID-19, a race-based scheme that legal scholars say is unconstitutional.

Minnesota and New York City are among the latest jurisdictions where health officials are giving priority to people of color for scarce monoclonal antibodies, which can prevent COVID-19 patients from developing severe illness.



In Minnesota, the state health department was using a scoring system that awards points to patients with certain risk factors, such as chronic kidney disease and diabetes. The department’s scoring also gives two points to people with “BIPOC” status — Black, Indigenous or people of color.

White people who have the same risk factors are not given the same priority ranking for the antibody treatments as non-White people with COVID-19. Legal analysts say the approach likely wouldn’t stand up in court.


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