Her killer was out on bail because of New York Democrats

Christina Yuna Lee worked to fight against anti-Asian hate, co-worker says

The Korean American creative producer who was butchered in her Chinatown apartment by an alleged knife-wielding stranger had worked to fight against anti-Asian hate — and rallied others in her field to support the community, a distraught co-worker said.

Christina Yuna Lee, a 35-year-old senior creative producer at NYC-based online music platform Splice, started working at the company around the same time as a gunman killed eight people during a shooting rampage in the Atlanta area in March 2021, former co-worker Kenneth Takanami said Monday on Twitter.

“It was an emotional and gutting introduction,” Takanami recalled. “We met on a call with other Asians in our work community to support one another.”

Following the call, Takanami said he connected with Lee and the pair discussed how they could “galvanize” the moment and “do some really important” work at the digital music platform.

“We bonded over a shared mission for a more inclusive creator space, among many other things,” Takanami wrote. “She hoped to start conversations around diversity and opportunities for creators of all background at our company.”

Assamad Nash barricaded himself for roughly 90 minutes inside Christina Lee’s apartment before the door was kicked down by authorities, Dafna Yoran said.


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