Honestly impressive that Biden’s even turning Green Energy companies against him

US Solar Companies Rip White House For Helping CCP, Consider Legal Action U.S Vice President Joe Biden Visits China Lintao Zhang

Domestic solar panel manufacturers accused President Joe Biden of aiding the Chinese state-run solar industry and signaled potential legal action after he blocked tariffs protecting U.S. companies.

The White House issued a 24-month moratorium Monday, blocking federal enforcement of Obama-era solar tariffs that largely protect U.S. companies from China’s dominant solar industry which is subsidized by the Chinese Communist Party. U.S. solar panel companies immediately opposed the move and argued it would only hurt domestic industry while helping Chinese competitors.

Samantha Sloan, vice president of policy at the largest U.S. solar panel maker First Solar, said that Biden’s action “only benefits” the Chinese solar industry. (RELATED: ‘Reward The Chinese Communist Party’: US Green Groups Are Working To Undercut American Solar Industry, Critics Say)

“Today’s proclamation directly undermines American solar manufacturing by giving unfettered access to China’s state-subsidized solar companies for the next two years,” Sloan said in a statement Monday shared with TheDCNF. “This sends the message that companies can circumvent American laws and that the U.S. government will let them get away with it as long as they’re backed by deep-pocketed political pressure campaigns.”

Biden also said he would invoke the 1950 Defense Production Act to spur domestic solar manufacturing, a move Sloan said was insufficient. She added that the Biden administration has failed to deliver on passing legislation like the Solar Energy Manufacturing for America Act which would introduce new tax credits for U.S. solar companies.

“Quite simply, the administration cannot stick a band-aid on the issue and hope that it goes away,” she continued.  Continue

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