If Your Insurrection Last Longer Than Four Hours, Consult Your Doctor

The anniversary of the Capitol Hill riot on January 6th was something the average media liberal celebrated more than the birth of their first child, and they probably love it more too. Wall-to-wall coverage on CNN and MSNBC, with a chunky Weeble Brian Stelter at CNN even complaining that Fox News had chosen to start every hour with actual current news, only later getting to the anniversary, because too much is never enough. When Democrats had a chance to cover an earlier riot, something closer to an actual insurrection, they chose not to. They didn’t even bother to draw an analogy to when Democrats tried to disrupt the “peaceful transition of power.” 

It was a different time, hairstyles were different, fashion was different, and Democrats were different. Representative Jamie Raskin (D-MD) committed his first act as a freshman Member of Congress when he objected to the certification of the 2016 Electoral College vote. Raskin was hoping to stop Donald Trump from being certified as President of the United States. 


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