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Stelter Says Chris Cuomo Claimed He Was Going To Reveal ‘Incriminating Information’ About Jeff Zucker

CNN’s media correspondent Brian Stelter said Wednesday that former CNN anchor Chris Cuomo was allegedly planning to reveal “incriminating information” about former CNN President Jeff Zucker prior to Zucker’s resignation.

“Number one is the Chris Cuomo reference. Cuomo was fired in December and he is not going out quietly. He was fired and there were reports that he wasn’t going to get paid the millions of dollars that were going to be on the remainder of his contract,” Stelter said. “So, as a source said to me earlier today, he was trying to burn the place down. He was going to court trying to burn the place down and claiming that he had incriminating information about Zucker and Gollust.”

“So, if that’s the case, if this is a domino effect that begins with Andrew Cuomo, going down in the governor’s office, and then Chris Cuomo being fired from CNN, and then Jeff Zucker losing his job at CNN, that has a remarkable domino effect, a chain of events. I think that is part of the story.” (RELATED: CNN Names Three Temporary Replacements For Jeff Zucker)

Zucker announced Wednesday he would be leaving the network due to a “consensual relationship with [his] closest colleague” that he was “required to disclose” at the time but failed to do so. Zucker said he was questioned about the relationship as the network investigates Cuomo.




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