Lawmaker from Trudeau’s party RESIGNS and slams him for ‘dividing people’

Lawmaker from Trudeau’s own party RESIGNS and slams him for ‘dividing people’ after PM smeared anti-mandate Freedom Convoy as ‘swastika wavers’: Protesters blockade SECOND border crossing after blocking busiest route into the US at Detroit

  • Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke out against trucker protests paralyzing Canada’s capital city

  • Trudeau, speaking Monday on the floor of the legislature the first time since the crisis began, warned demonstrators they were affecting the economy and trying to undermine democracy

  • He branded protesters in Ottawa as a ‘few people shouting and waving swastikas’  

  • He dismissed opposition viewpoints that the trucks and big rigs parked throughout in Ottawa were a symbol of how bitterly divided the country was over the pandemic

  • ‘This is a story of a country that got through this pandemic by being united, and a few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who Canadians are,’ Trudeau said 

  • ‘This pandemic has sucked for all Canadians,’ the prime minister said. ‘Everyone’s tired of COVID, but these protests are not the way to get through it’ 

  •  Joel Lightbound, a lawmaker for Trudeau’s Liberal Party, rebuked his leader Tuesday for dividing Canadians and said his government needs to create a road map for when coronavirus measures should be lifted

  • Tucker Carlson has also slammed Trudeau’s response, claiming the demonstrators are treated like terrorists

  • Canadian truckers blasted the government and Ottawa police after members of their ‘Freedom Convoy’ protest were arrested and charged with hate crimes  

  • Demonstrations continued into Tuesday as trucks blocked traffic on the Ambassador Bridge, the busiest border crossing to the United States, between Detroit and Windsor, Ontario

  • The bridge, which is normally traveled by approximately 8,000 big rigs a day, remained closed on the U.S. side Tuesday morning, according Michigan Department of Transportation 

A lawmaker from Justin Trudeau’s own party resigned Tuesday after accusing the prime minister of dividing the people of Canada, saying the federal government’s pandemic response has become ‘politicized’ and ‘divisive.’  

Liberal Quebec MP Joël Lightbound’s announcement comes a day after the prime minister sparked outrage for branding anti-mandate protesters of the Freedom Convoy ‘swastika wavers’ after week-long demonstrations paralyzed the capital city of Ottawa.

It comes after a second border crossing this week became blocked by truckers in a protest that caused long backups and at one point stopped traffic in both directions.  

The first blockade cut off traffic Monday at Ambassador Bridge, the busiest border crossing between the U.S. and Canada. The bridge remains blocked Tuesday, on the road to Canada.

Later that same night, both lanes of the Coutts border crossing in southern Alberta were also blocked by truck protesters. By Tuesday morning, traffic was flowing again, although congestion remained, according to the Alberta RCMP.

Trudeau said Monday that the protesters are ‘trying to blockade our economy, our democracy,’ and it has to stop. 

‘This is a story of a country that got through this pandemic by being united, and a few people shouting and waving swastikas does not define who Canadians are,’ Trudeau said Monday, speaking to the House of Commons in Ottawa, his first public appearance since testing positive for COVID-19 on January 31.

A flag incorporating the Nazi symbol was spotted in the initial days of the protests, and’s reporter, who’s been there for a week, has not seen any.  

A photo was posted by the Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs Twitter, on January 30, with a statement that read: ‘Twenty-four hours after International Holocaust Remembrance Day and on The National Day of Remembrance of the Québec City Mosque Attack and Action against Islamophobia, there are Nazi flags being flown in public, in Canada, on Parliament Hill. This should be horrifying to all Canadians.’ 

The daily demonstrations staged by the Freedom Truck Convoy are centered in Ottawa, where demonstrators have used hundreds of parked trucks to paralyze parts of the capital for more than 10 days.


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