Liberals Can’t Be This Stupid, Can They?

Every week we’re greeted by something so stupid, something so unbelievably dumb done proudly by some Democrat that you can’t help but wonder if they’ve reached their collective bottom. It’s an amazing skill, if you think about it – even the most steroided-up homerun hitter has off weeks, but Democrats find new and creative ways to up their game almost every single day. The question is: are they pretending, or are they really this stupid?

Where to begin…

The Washington Post tried to kill the “LibsOfTikTok” Twitter account by having their mindless drone army threaten to kill its operator. It almost worked before, remember James Hodgkinson and the lie the media was pushing about how a GOP health care bill would cause 10,000 deaths per year? Hodgkinson, a committed progressive and devoted fan of MSNBC, believed that and convinced himself he had a moral case for acting. They’d hoped for the same with LibsOfTikTok.

Chubby-cheeked Taylor Lorenz, the chunky “reporter” who linked to the real estate license with everything needed to track down the Twitter user, knew what she was doing. Her editors at the Post approved the link (nothing gets published without several editors combing through it first, checking facts and links). The tubby scribe had successfully spun left-wing teachers talking about how they proudly aspire to groom children or thwart the express wishes of parents and the law into an innocuous attempt to help children. These are sick people.

But the story led to more curiosity than anything else. Readers wanted to see for themselves these sweet, innocent teachers being victimized by the mean account, so the searched for it. Then they saw the actual videos – mentally deficient creatures desperately seeking validation of their pathetic lives through making children approve of them. With more piercings and tattoos on their faces than brain cells behind their vacant eyes, even Democrat-voting Post readers were horrified by what they heard and saw. The LibsOfTikTok account doubled in size by the end of the week. Oops. 

The teachers in those videos, curiously, all talk about “my kids” when talking about children who are decidedly not theirs. Honestly, aside from their name and what grade they taught, do you remember anything about your elementary school teachers? They are destined to be forgotten, and that’s what terrifies them. They aren’t your kids, they’re your students. If you don’t understand the difference in what those relationships should be, quit or you should be fired. Otherwise, start paying some child support, losers.  Continue

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