Men Will Never Be Women In Sports Or Anywhere Else

It’s not very often a person who is the center of a controversy remains silent. More often than not it would be significantly better for them if they did, but the allure of media attention and a belief that if they only get their side of the story out everyone would understand and the whole affair will be put to bed is just too strong. It never works. The latest example of this is swimmer Lia Thomas, the “trans woman” or man pretending to be a woman who set all kinds of records swimming against college women this year.

Men are stronger and faster than women. It’s important to get that out there at the start. Not every man is faster than every woman, but on average there is no contest between the two – the all-time world record for the 100-meter dash in the Olympics for women would not have qualified for the finals in the men’s competition, for example. Only dumb people and liars pretend otherwise.

Speaking of dumb people, I can now see why Lia Thomas has remained silent to this point, the dude is dumb. Rather than acknowledge the reality (or even possibility) that the testosterone not only being produced by his body currently (less than before, but it’s still there), but the impact of the 2 decades of testosterone that helped create his physical being to that point give him an advantage, he claims it’s that he’s happy now. Yes, really.

Look, I don’t begrudge anyone their happiness, and I don’t want to see or reveling knowing people are miserable generally, though there are exceptions. Lia Thomas is not one of them. I hope he’s happy, I really do. But that doesn’t make him smart or it right that he’s competing against women. 



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