Most Voters Now Believe Biden Should Take Cognitive Test

66% of all voters – including 43% of Democrats – believe Biden should take and publicly release the results of a cognitive test and majority think he is not fit for office, new poll shows.

  • A new poll shows that 66% of likely voters want to see President Joe Biden take a cognitive test and release the results to prove he is mentally fit for office

  • 43% of Democrats feel the same and 86% of Republicans 

  • Same poll shows that 56% of Americans are ‘not very confident’ or ‘not at all confident’ that Biden is fit for office – only 27% of are ‘very confident’

  • New poll comes as a group of 38 House Republicans sent a letter to Biden urging him to take a cognitive tests

  • Also emerges as the president’s approval ratings continue to dip 

Two-thirds of likely voters want to see Joe Biden complete the same cognitive ability test Donald Trump took when he was in office as a new poll reveals 56 percent of respondents don’t think the current president is fit for office.

Rasmussen Reports survey released Thursday shows even 43 percent of Democrats polled want to see Biden take the test compared to the 47 percent who say he should not take the test and release the results.

‘Should Biden take a cognitive test, similar to the one former President Trump took in 2018, and release the results?’ the poll asked the 1,000 likely voters who participated in the survey.

A whopping 86 percent of Republicans said yes to the only 9 percent who said no.

Among all voters, 66 percent want Biden to take the cognitive test to 26 percent who do not.

When questions emerged from Democrats during Trump’s presidency over his mental fitness for office, he defended himself by sharing that he scored a perfect 30 out of 30 on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which was administered by then-White House Physician Ronny Jackson in 2018.

The purpose of that specific test is to assess mild cognitive impairment or early signs of dementia.

Many made fun of Trump’s boasting of a perfect score as the tests asks questions like identifying animals by their image and drawing a clock.

The polling question from Rasmussen is specifically in reference to Republican lawmakers’ continued efforts to get the president to take a test to make sure he is mentally sound enough to serve.

Some wording in the polling question notes: ‘Republican members of Congress have called on President Biden to take a test of his cognitive abilities and make the results public.’

Earlier this month, a group of 38 GOP House lawmakers signed a letter to Biden urging him to take the test. The letter was led by Jackson, who now represents Texas’ 13th congressional district.

The letter points to recent examples of the 79-year-old’s ‘mental decline’, including forgetting numbers and names as well as recent gaffes and hot mic moments


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