School Demands Parents Sign Contract Agreeing Students Will Follow Gender Roles Of Their ‘Biological Sex’ 

Failure to agree to the terms of the contract will ‘afford Citipointe Christian College the right to exclude a student from the College who no longer adheres to the College’s doctrinal precepts including those as to biological sex…’

Christian school demands parents sign shocking contract agreeing students will follow gender roles of their ‘biological sex’ and declares homosexuality is ‘destructive to human relationships and society’

  • Brisbane’s Citipointe Christian College issues ‘enrolment contract’ to parents
  • It states the school will not recognise gender identity but only biological sex
  • The contract describes homosexuality as ‘immoral’ and ‘destructive’
  • By not signing the contract, a gay or gender fluid student could be excluded
  • The contract has sparked an online petition by an ex-student to have it recalled 

A Christian school in Brisbane has asked parents to sign an enrolment contract that allows it to expel a child who comes out as gay, just a week before the school year begins.

Citipointe Christian College at Carindale in Brisbane’s south-east sent the extraordinary contract to parents, in which it describes homosexuality as immoral and said it will not recognise a student’s claim to a gender identity.

It also states it will only acknowledge gender assignment given at birth.

‘We believe that any form of sexual immorality (including but not limiting to adultery, fornication, homosexual acts, bisexual acts, bestiality, incest, paedophilia and pornography) is sinful and offensive to God and is destructive to human relationships and society,’ part of the contract states. Continued

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