Seems to have been able to afford an iPhone. Demons in hell can bully him now.

Texas school shooter Salvador Ramos was bullied at school because of the clothes he wore and because his family was poor, former classmate says

  • A ‘close’ friend of Salvador Ramos, 18, said the shooter used to be made fun of for his clothing and because his family was poor 

  •  He said Ramos began showing up to class less and less from the bullying and ‘slowly dropped out’ 

  • ‘He barely came to school,’ the friend, who didn’t want to be identified, said

  • The friend said the pair kept up with each other occasionally through Xbox messages, but had largely lost contact after Ramos graduated 

  • However, Ramos – who had purchased two rifles on his 18th birthday just days before the shooting – sent the friend pictures of his guns and magazines

  • When asked why he had it, Ramos reportedly replied: ‘Don’t worry about it’ 



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