The State Of Our Union…

Tonight, President Joe Biden will stay up past his bedtime for the first time in a while to read a teleprompter for about an hour to a room full of people who couldn’t care less what words come out of his pie hole. 

It’s State of the Union Address time and rarely have fewer people given a damn what a President of the United States will say.

It’s actually hard to be as unpopular as Joe Biden. When you get down to the mid-30s in approval rating you’re dipping into the pool of people who will support almost anything you do.

A President of either party will pull 40 percent by simply being of the party, Biden is as low as the low 30s in some polls, which is like an animal abuser level of support.

Joe’s more like an abusive NFL player than a politician. 

So what will he say? What can he say? Forget love, Joe is a man desperate to be liked, even a little. But he’s played all his “good” cards, what does he have left?

He will likely stand there and claim the economy is strong and that it’s all thanks to him. To the extent that the economy is doing well, it has nothing to do with him. In fact, it is in spite of him. 

Biden’s “Governing through printing money” approach is everything wrong today. You’re paying more at the pump, grocery store, and everywhere else because of him.

He has to deny that, to blame “greedy corporations,” because he still wants to spend more.


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