“Why won’t the people I refuse to meet with or listen to take responsibility for the things I did?”


Biden and top officials said multiple times as prices rose in 2021 that they expected inflation to be temporary, but it has persisted.

On Tuesday, he sought to deflect blame to Republicans, who he said have less of a plan than he does and have thwarted his policies to fight it. Democrats are defending narrow majorities in the Nov. 8 congressional elections that will determine who controls the Senate and House of Representatives.

Republicans have promoted loosening regulations on oil and gas producers as well as cutting some taxes and government spending, but have not endorsed any policy document on inflation.


“The Republican plan is to increase taxes on middle class families,” he said.

Scott, speaking to reporters on Capitol Hill, shot back: “He just wants to blame everybody.”

Scott has said the plan is solely his own, despite his role as chairman of the National Republican Senatorial Committee, the campaign arm of the Senate Republican caucus. Republican Senate Leader Mitch McConnell has rejected Scott’s calls to tax Americans who pay no income tax and to sunset Social Security and Medicare entitlements.

Biden took aim at a “Rescue America” proposal from Republican Rick Scott, the U.S. senator from Florida, that includes a federal minimum income tax which the White House says would cost middle-class families $1,500 a year.

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